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// Bastien Padiolleau

Nébula is a smart night light that accompanies children suffering from separation anxiety.

Every night, a card symbolizing an emotion is placed on the night light

The cards allow children to express themselves and talk about their emotions

The child then chooses a slide from the associated book

The chosen pattern is diffused by the night light.

In order to grow and thrive, children need a strong relationship with their attachment figure, often the mother. This psychological mechanism allows the child to move from a strong dependence on the parent to full independence as an adult.

For 2 to 8 years old suffering from separation anxiety, Bastien has come up with Nébula: an evolving night light that accompanies them as they grow. It facilitates the separation with the parent, thanks to a reassuring nighttime routine. In the evening, the child places a colored card on the night light. It symbolizes the main emotion experienced during the day. She then chooses a slide from an accompanying book. In this way, she gradually masters her emotions and falls asleep, soothed.

" Bastien created Nébula, a lamp that helps children overcome their anxiety. Working on separation anxiety made sense for him. So he created a rich network of local actors around him, in order to find the position of designer needed for the project. After studying the different phases of a child’s development, he met with and observed many specialists. Then he spoke with parents and children, to target the precise moment of his intervention. He chose bedtime for very young children. His object allows even toddlers to express the emotions experienced during the day and to resolve any negative feelings generated. This is what makes it stand out from other objects on the market. More than a simple night light, Nébula encourages children to dialogue with their parents and to create a special moment before going to sleep. The round shape of the lamp subtly evokes a small comforting companion. To ensure the product’s longevity, Bastien has also thought about the scalability of Nebula, so it adapts to the age of the child. "

Julie Le Ster - Le Studio Montréal Course Leader

This project is selected as part of Design L’Expo 2020 and will be exhibited at La Cale 2 Créateurs.


End of studies internship, Akonite, furniture and boardsports equipment, Paris, France

2018 - 2020
Design and entrepreneurship MDes, Le Studio Montréal, L’École de design Nantes Atlantique, Montreal, Canada

lndustrial Products BDes, L’École de design Nantes Atlantique, France

Product Design BTS (2 year advanced diploma), Jean Monnet High School, Les Herbiers, France

Motto: " Less is more. " Mies Van Dert Rohe

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