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My Planet

#digital culture #events #exhibition

// Florian Pondevie

Discover the video of "My Planet"

Based on the existing technology of geolocation tags which work with GPS satellites, My Planet offers original functionalities to help travellers stay in touch with friends and family. The simple to use object utilizes a lot of important data:real-time position, speed, altitude, time, past data, accommodation, meals. The traveller can therefore make the most of their trip while keeping family and friends informed as to their whereabouts and activities, thus reassuring them.

“Florian had the idea for My planet after returning from a trip to India. […]Florian talked to the biggest communities of hikers to identify their needs and propose a simple solution.
My Planet is extremely discreet. Firstly thanks to its small size, but especially in its simplification of modes and levels of interaction with the user. The tag allows a careful exploitation of the metadata extracted from the traveler’s current context and geolocation. This contextual data is then represented in different ways, from statistical representation to the production of animated graphic illustrations to produce a detailed account of the trip. The inter-communicability of different tags makes it possible to create links between travellers.The popularity of independent travel “off the beaten path” has led to an increasingly strong demand for ubiquitous technological devices which are designed not only to accompany and reassure the traveller during his trip but also to keep friends and family informed regularly and continuously.”

Grégoire Cliquet, Director of the READi Design Lab
Arnaud Le Roi, Pedagogical coordinator for Digital culture
Laurent Neyssensas, Assistant Director of the READi Design Lab


Florian Pondevie

After completing a bachelor’s degree in graphic design, then a year in Bangalore as part of the Transcultural Design master’s program, Florian continued his master’s studies in Information Design in France. Inspired by his travel experiences, he decided to make it the subject of his thesis: “metadata at the service of travellers”. Today he would like to join a design agency in Paris, a city where he has done several internships (Seenk, Yellow Lab, Dodow and Parties Prenantes) or abroad to work on the things he loves best: graphic design, motion design and photography. His motto comes from the explorer Christopher Colombus: “We never go as far as when we do not know where we are going”.

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