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// Lola Feldman

Serious game for tablets to learn spelling

Attractive and consistent application

Video - Fun and interactive

M-o is a serious game for tablets to learn spelling – it uses children’s very powerful visual memorization in a first approach to writing. The game, based on the visualization of graphemes and phonemes of the French language, lets children try out different combinations in a fun and interactive way. Highly receptive to new information, children thus develop self-learning techniques. Using a process of trial and error, they experiment and learn from their mistakes in a reassuring environment.

M-o is designed to assist young children in learning to spell. Lola designed this interactive game for tablets which uses a grapheme-based approach, in other words the graphic representation of graphemes. The child moves the "grapheme bubbles” around the screen in order to find the correct spelling of a word. A particularly fun and stimulating form of self-learning. M-o is one of those projects that uses design to make complex notions simple and accessible. Children get to grips with the sounds of the French language to create their own version of a word, until they find the correct spelling by trial and error. Learning by mistake is encouraged and helps de-dramatize the all too often rigid learning process of the basic skills of reading and writing. Graphic representations, spatial forms and the notion of grapheme association underwent many iterations involving teachers and learners to achieve an attractive and consistent application.”

Grégoire Cliquet, READi Design Lab Director

Arnaud Le Roi, Digital Culture Course Leader


Lola began her studies with a bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design. An exchange program with the Dublin Institute of Technology in Ireland helped her extend her knowledge in this domain. She then continued her studies with the Information Design program.

Interested in education and graphic design, she decided to create a socially-concerned learning tool for children’s spelling, combining the digital universe and new technologies with a traditional discipline. For her final internship at Polymago in Paris, she devoted herself to signposting and communication projects for cultural and urban institutions.

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