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// Bérengère Boismain


In western society, insects are not considered to be a foodstuff. However, eating insects is more than just a fashion – it could become a genuine solution for a sustainable food system: superior nutritional qualities and energy-efficient breeding with a low carbon footprint.

The project "insects: tomorrow’s mini-livestock" is a process designed to make insects more attractive, in order to boost their consumption by western consumers. Research focused on identity and representations, analyzing cultural resistance and providing solutions for overcoming it.

Minussi is an innovative product, based on an Asian tradition of eating insects: insect and vegetable kebabs coated with delicious oil-rich fruits which provide the same amount of protein as a meal. Minussi offers an original and appealing representation of insects, that breaks away from traditional negative western attitudes towards this food.

Minussi is one of the 18 projects exhibited at Design(s), l’expo 2013.

The Minussi project is part of the Observeur du design 2015 exhibition by APCI in Paris.


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