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#du dessiin #connected objects #digital culture

// Capucine Gorenbouh and Clara Tersen

Mingle is a tool intended for solo travelers. It helps them beat loneliness by letting them arrange encounters to punctuate their trip.

Mingle helps solo travelers beat the loneliness often experienced during long-haul trips. Between two pre-chosen visits, the user is invited to meet another solo traveler: the meeting therefore becomes a step of the itinerary.

The mobile application lets you plan the itinerary before leaving, and stay in touch after a meeting. The connected object, which serves as a direction indicator, guides the user throughout their journey, letting them keep their phone safely out of sight. Low-tech, waterproof, discreet and energy-saving, it satisfies the many constraints that exist when travelling.


A project by Capucine Gorenbouh, MDes Tangible Ux Design student at L’École de design, and Clara Tersen, student engineer at IMT Atlantique, developed as part of the double degree D.U. DESSiiN, a program jointly run by l’Université de Nantes (Polytech Nantes, IAE Nantes), L’École de design Nantes Atlantique and IMT Atlantique.

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