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// Eloïse Conoir

multi-channel tool

Emotional and organizational reconstruction

MineLand is a multi-channel tool to help teenagers who have been in care regain control of their lives, be more responsible and give them the keys they need to build their future. A fun digital platform consisting of three modules (serious game, construction game and furniture range) gives young people real autonomy in areas such as their schooling or career, hobbies, friends and family.

Between the ages of 6 and 21, we go through strong personality changes and start mapping out our futures, usually with the support of the family circle. Minors who have been put into child welfare institutions are traumatized by often repeated separations at such a critical period in their childhood and adolescence. In close partnership with child welfare service representatives, Eloïse’s project contributes to the emotional and organizational reconstruction of these children, giving them continuity, long-term goals and self-confidence […] Through extensive reading and testimonials from users and professionals, Éloïse has managed to understand the issues and transform them into a realistic solution that can be used in care homes. With the input of children themselves, welfare professionals and childcare experts, she has developed and tested many co-design tools, and assessed a series of concepts, before finally coming up with MineLand which is truly tailored to their needs. […] The relevance of her project stems both from its efficiency and its adaptability to the different personalities of child-users, and to the various conditions and life stages they are experiencing.”

Gaël Guilloux, Care Design Lab Director

Simon Boussard, Care Programs Course Leader


After one year of preparatory school in St-Brieuc, Eloïse joined L’École de design to do a bachelor’s degree in interior design before moving on to the Health and Social Innovation program. After a rewarding final internship, Eloïse launched her career as soon as she graduated at Yana.K in St-Lunaire, an interior design agency specialized in intelligent layout design, making living spaces more functional and attractive.

Strongly committed to structural values – bringing back architectures of the past – and influenced by the work of Enzo Mari, an architect and designer who has shaken up our consumer society, Eloïse believes in simplicity and functionality.

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