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Micro nature urbaine

#mutations of the built environment #spatial design

// Nicolas Barreau

Greenfield land and derelict or demolished plots in densely populated areas of city centres are all opportunities to create areas where inhabitants and passers-by can breathe freely and make urban spaces their own.

The greenfield land studied by the designer has all the typical characteristics of this type of area – bleak, disused, difficult to access and yet used by certain residents or passers-by as inhospitable short-cuts. The designer wanted to make a feature of these rough patches, uneven ground surface and misappropriated uses, by thinking up a layout based on the impression of time standing still, triggered by this short-cut which finally makes people want to spend a bit longer than planned there, to daydream or to wander.

The installation of scaffold-like perennial greenery and the carefully planned (partially suspended) revegetation of the wasteland create a complete change of pace in the midst of an urban environment.

The sloping terrain guarantees accessibility for all without modifying the existing costs.

The installation is situated in an urban area at the heart of one of the biggest industrial wastelands in Europe today.

This is a long-term project which, while respecting the freedom of wasteland, makes temporary use of a constantly evolving space.

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