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// Chloé Bigorre

Chloé Bigorre presents her project on a video

MaPerma is a free and collaborative web service that lets you create and manage your garden plan “permaculturally”, while at the same time discovering new plant varieties.
But what does “permaculturally” mean? Permaculture is an ethical design system which can be used in all kinds of initiatives, projects or businesses in many different domains. Applied to agriculture, it gives an excellent yield using (virtually) no pesticides. This is made possible by simulating models observed in nature and by playing with associations of plant species.
Unfortunately, getting into permaculture means spending a huge amount of time learning about existing plants, their needs, the species which can be associated with them, etc. MyPerma simplifies all these laborious steps to make it possible for anyone, and why not yourself, to use permaculture in their garden.
If you wish to find out more about the project, contribute ideas or advice, or even take part in the project in the future, you can contact Chloé Bigorre: c.bigorre(@)


Chloé Bigorre vient de terminer sa 3e année de cycle bachelor en Design d'interactivité.

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