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// Germain Rufflé

The project presented by Arnaud Le Roi, MDes Course Leader: Digital Culture

Discover the video of the "Livothèque" project

A concept for on demand live visualization that is high quality and immersive, Livothèque is making a place for itself in concert venues. It offers a new way of experiencing live entertainment with virtual reality. The installation of multi-sensory replay areas within the venues strengthens the offer outside normal opening hours, and transforms them into music-centred meeting places while providing an additional resource for the artists.

“Livothèque revisits recording and broadcasting techniques in live music. The project is based on a solution combining mobile devices (Gyroscope/GPS) and 360° stereoscopic and binaural recording techniques to capture different scenic and artistic viewpoints in order to optimise the group’s interaction with the audience in real time.
The users can therefore experience or relive a live concert remotely. This immersive experience in a dedicated area is in theory individual, but the spectator’s non-linear path can be recorded and subsequently shared on social networks. Germain developed this concept in cooperation with concert organisers and musicians. In the course of many interviews, he came to understand the expectations of the audience and came up with an innovative solution which enables a new level of interaction between the public and the artists during the performance.
In an age where virtual reality technologies are accessible to all, Livothèque opens up new possibilities for immersive technologies in the entertainment of the future.”

Grégoire Cliquet, Director of the READi Design Lab
Arnaud Le Roi, Pedagogical coordinator for Digital culture
Laurent Neyssensas, Assistant Director of the READi Design Lab


Germain Rufflé

Germain began his studies with a Bachelor’s degree in interaction design. His passion for new modes of interaction then led him to the Ux Design/Virtual Reality course with a double degree at Arts et Métiers ParisTech, Master’s in Virtual and Innovation Engineering. After an internship at Saltcake in Seoul as a designer in digital marketing (AR/VR, game design), his dream came true when he managed to get an internship at the Google head office in California in the Virtual Reality department Daydream.
Germain draws his motivation and inspiration from the example of crazy entrepreneurs ready to sacrifice their lives to develop their projects and see their dreams become reality.

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