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Let’s talk about sexuality

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// Charlotte Noël du Payrat

Discover the video "Let’s talk about sexuality"

Although sexuality is taboo in India, it is vital to educate people on the subject in order to highlight the importance of health, body awareness and respecting others. Let’s talk about sexuality provides tangible answers to questions from parents, teachers and children with fun, age-appropriate activity kits. The game helps establish a form of participatory communication. Developed and distributed in schools by NGOs, the kits are manufactured locally.

“In India, over 50% of children experience some form of sexual abuse, which is often ignored or covered up. Charlotte tackles an important subject in Indian society - sex education – and finds an effective means of lowering the number of sexual assaults. In view of the complexity of Indian society, which is conservative by nature, it is impossible to envisage an explicit presentation. The game-oriented approach is therefore particularly welcome. Let’s talk about sexuality offers children a range of board games based on participation and discussion. Its interest lies in the impact on the conscious AND on the subconscious, which is longer lasting. Unlike the methods already tested which use a one-way process that cannot be challenged by the children, Charlotte’s method adopts a global approach to sex education. Using a range of activities, the participants learn lessons from the game which is based on Indian symbolism. Let’s talk about sexuality should help Indian society to talk more freely about sex. Let’s talk about sexuality is destined for everyone involved: parents, children and teachers. It could be developed further by entering into partnerships with organizations that combat sexual abuse or by working directly with schools which could offer the kits to parents.”

Kshitiz Anand, Course leader - Transcultural Design India Studio


This project will be exhibited at the Global Grad Show 2016 during the Dubai Design Week, from October 24th to October 29th 2016.


Charlotte Noël du Payrat

Charlotte discovered social design in the course of her MDes in Transcultural Design in India after having previously completed a bachelor’s degree in Product Design. Her work placements in industrial design naturally encouraged her to develop a professional project with a design innovation theme. There is no doubt that the career of Dieter Rams, one of her favorite designers, will guide her towards an innovative, useful, esthetic, environmentally-friendly and accessible design.

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