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Les secrets d’Auguste

#exhibition #new eating habits #postgraduate studies

// Florentin Bernard

Les secrets d’Auguste

The French are the biggest consumers of whisky in the world, yet French production is little known and suffers from a poor image. The question is how to enhance the value of French whisky.

In order to give it a higher profile in another context, the project establishes French whisky as part of an undeniably attractive form of consumption: gastronomy. The challenge was to create an identity and a graphic universe in keeping with this new use.

Les Secrets d’Auguste consists of a “cooking with alcohol” kit including 3 bottles of French whisky and a recipe booklet using flambéeing, a well-known technique for cooking enthusiasts. The whiskies with the most distinct aromas were selected by culinary experts and simple and original recipes were devised with the help of tasting notes. Les Secrets d’Auguste brings regional traditions as well as French know-how into the spotlight.

Les secrets d’Auguste is one of the 18 projects exhibited at Design(s), l’expo 2013.

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