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Les fruits moches

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// Léa Rousse

Les fruits moches* dramatically increases the value of unsaleable fruit by giving it a sophisticated image. The fruit is presented using techniques which enhance its beauty, distracting consumers from the fruit’s imperfect aesthetics and prompting them to buy it. Despite its “ugliness”, the fruit is presented as a gift of nature, embellished by the material in which it is wrapped and the lace adorning it or transformed into fruit juice perfumed with flowers.

“Léa’s project focuses on the essential problem of food waste. She analyzed the whole life cycle of an apple and the multiple causes for its waste and came to the conclusion that the fruit’s appearance had an important role to play. Dealing with beauty and relational quality between users is a fundamental dimension of design. The question was how to increase the value of a product which has been rejected simply because it is ugly. Léa’s goal was to change our representations of these apples, by decorating them and creating value around them. The ugly apples are wrapped up in fabric or tissue paper using the Japanese technique known as furoshiki or covered in sugar lace. Les fruits moches is a project of great sensitivity which shows how design can be used to tackle responsible innovation issues. Tests have been carried out on both technical and commercial aspects; Léa could well find outlets for her fruits moches.”

Benoit Millet, Director - New Eating Habits Design Lab


*Ugly Fruits


Léa Rousse

After completing a bachelor’s degree in Product Design, Léa went on to do a MDes program in New Eating Habits. Her final internship at Team Créatif Paris, one of the biggest packaging and branding agencies, gave her a better understanding of volume and packaging. She particularly appreciates the work of designer TJ Girard who has successfully created a concept combining product design, culinary design, food design and events. A dynamic mix of her favorite activities!

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