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LeARn Physics

#interaction design #virtual reality

// Victor Manselon

Secondary school is recognized both for its cultural and social learning opportunities.

Unfortunately, two-thirds of pupils say they find school boring. How do we motivate these “digital natives” and pass on knowledge to them using the tools of their time? How do we extend the pupil’s learning experience outside of the classroom?

LeARn physics is an educational construction game based on remote collaboration. It allows secondary school pupils to manipulate and exploit resources taught in physics lessons. In the form of an augmented puzzle using augmented reality, LeARn phyics allows pupils to simulate the construction of electrical circuits. Pupils work together from their own homes to produce or reproduce working electrical circuits. The aim is to reinforce the practice of collaborative work beginning in secondary school and to make pupils aware of self-learning. It is an "intelligent" system in its capacity to assist pupils as they work, pointing out assembly errors, giving handy tips, suggesting methods to use, etc. The difficulty of the exercises can be adjusted depending on the experience gained by the players and their progress in class.

LeARn physics offers new ways of learning and pushes back frontiers (in terms of perception and notions of time and space) by using the latest technologies. The service offers a virtual simulation of the elements of an electrical circuit, its animations, and its characteristics (e.g. lamps: light, size, power, etc). In this way, pupils can dynamically change the shape, type, and characteristics of an element. They are no longer limited by the equipment at their disposal and can imagine and build any electrical circuit, as long as it respects the laws of physics.

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