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Le Quatre et demi

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// Juliette Brétéché

Le Quatre et demi

Ageusia and anosmia: how to enjoy your food without taste

People suffering from anosmia and ageusia (the loss of sense of smell and taste respectively) can once again look forward to mealtimes and enjoy their food using their other senses.

Le Quatre et demi is a multi-sensory restaurant offering a unique menu which varies according to the season. Each version of the menu refers to a work of fiction.

The main course is devised to emphasise the visual appearance, the texture and the contrast between the basic flavours perceived by ageusic people. It is presented in an ambience with tailored visuals and sounds to increase its depth of flavour and to enable diners to experience sensations and emotions. This means that all diners share the same gustatory experience, whether they suffer from anosmia or not.

This project is exhibited at Hangar 32 at “Design l’Expo”, from 28th November 2014 to 25th January 2015.

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