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Mad Traffic

#competition #digital culture #interaction design

// Margaux Leroy, Adrien Milcent, Étienne Guedon, Jean-Philippe Lefaucheux

Discover the video of the project Mad Traffic

Mad Traffic is a fun and interactive experience designed for young children to make them aware of potential road dangers, particularly when it comes to crossing the road without looking left and right.
Undergraduate students in interaction design considered the possibility of using virtual reality, without necessarily leaving the child alone with the virtual reality mask which could be traumatic. The need to involve the parents in this educational process was obvious, as well as the need to use a child-friendly universe featuring toys - more specifically PLAYMOBIL® and a play mat with roads which children can use to play with toy cars. The idea is that children can learn something without having to undergo the traumatism of reality. This is one of the great advantages of virtual reality.
In principle, one of the parents takes a few of their child’s toys, for example their toy cars. He/she arranges them around a tray which represents a crossroads. The child is virtually located at the center of this crossroads. He/she is there to get a ball back which has rolled into the road. By pressing one of the real toy cars, the parent launches a car into the virtual world which the child has to avoid. The whole process takes place in a bright and colorful universe so that the experience isn’t too stressful for the child.

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