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// Thomas Lautrédou, Sullyvan Lecomte, Charles Perinet & Théo Richard

Discover the video of the project EYEGON

La Valkyrie team decided to explore visual exercises for analyzing and treating proprioception disorders caused by squints.

Seeking inspiration from existing exercises, undergraduate students in interaction design reviewed the doctor/patient relationship by creating an application in which the orthoptist, equipped with a Vive controller, launches projectiles at the patient who is immersed in a make-believe world. The patient has to catch the projectiles using another controller. A tablet application compiles statistics which can be used by the doctor for the patient follow-up.
To help make the consultation more fun, La Valkyrie team developed an immersive universe based on the Vikings. The projectiles are little flying dragons which are shot from a cannon in an arena. The patient has to defend him/herself with a racket by anticipating the trajectories of the projectiles.
After producing rough sketches of the whole décor, the team members then went on to build models of it. At the same time, they developed the main interactions on Unity. They then put the whole thing together and calibrated it. Throughout the creative process, user tests were carried out to enhance the experience.
A jury made up of members from HTC, Dassault Systèmes, Unity and Laval Virtual divided up the projects between them.
This competition gave the students the opportunity to experiment with virtual reality using the latest equipment, but also allowed them to learn from the other participants and organizers.


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