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L’Îlot L’Île haute by Amaury Roux

#interior architecture #nantes #programs

// Amaury Roux

Looking for a getaway in the heart of the urban hustle and bustle? An opportunity to escape and relax for a short while? On the Isle of Nantes, Amaury has designed a space dedicated to wellbeing, leisure and heritage. Suspended 20 metres above Hangar 21, the structure houses lush gardens, a revolving bar and an art gallery, looking out over the city.

With the help of a «compass» application, visitors can follow their chosen route – historical, artistic, futuristic or festive – by day or night. They discover their immediate environment as they traverse an exotic and replenishing “other world». This project is located between here and there, between sky, land and sea, reconnecting us with ourselves and others.

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