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Know-how augmented

#interaction design #virtual reality

// François Ballon

Small and medium-sized French companies, mines of traditional and technical know-how, are today faced with an unprecedented challenge. Several thousand years of professional experience could be in danger of disappearing when a whole generation of "baby-boomers" take their retirement. How can we guarantee the continuity and sustainability of company know-how from one generation to the next?

Augmented Know-How is a tool which allows companies to preserve and pass on their know-how. A combination of paper and digital manual, AKH uses mixed reality to maximize the means of skills transfer. AKH thus creates a link between experienced senior professionals and newly qualified staff. The principle developed uses a system of mixed reality combining pop-up, augmented reality with webcam and screen.

This project won an award at the “Laval Virtual 2011” trade fair.

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