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// Alica Habay

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For her synthesis project for the advanced diploma in Graphic Design majoring in digital Communication and media, Alice Habay decided to tackle the issue of rebranding focusing on the Kapla brand so that she could show off all the skills acquired on different media during the two-year course. The topic gave her the opportunity and the freedom to express ideas which are dear to her heart. Kapla makes a simple and unique product: small rectangular wooden blocks which can be used by children (and grown-ups) as building blocks.
Alice was particularly fascinated by this idea of construction and modularity and very quickly decided to make it the central concept of this rebranding.
Kapla is a very simple object with no pattern or motif. It consists of a simple piece of wood which leaves the user total freedom of expression, a far cry from the dictates of franchises and the gender divide which can often be seen in children’s toys. From there, Alice came up with a key idea to guide the rebranding – the idea that Kapla is a creative and flexible medium with endless possibilities. After analyzing the present situation, she observed the various things to be improved: the first being the brand’s strategic positioning and value proposition which are at present relatively unclear. In fact, one of the problems was trying to establish the legitimacy of the artwork which had remained unchanged since the product was launched: was it a desire for nostalgia or a strong identity? With retro marketing expanding rapidly, it was a question of making a real choice and supporting it with strategic facts.
Moving away from a focus strategy, she decided to try and pursue a strategy of product differentiation.
Alice put these improvements into categories by separating them into the different areas she wanted to work on:
• A new simple and global visual identity playing with the idea of modularity and construction and letting her add patterns to the wooden blocks directly from the logo. But also to embody this idea in the animation;
o An advertising campaign using networks and a showcase site aimed at the user and conveying the idea that Kapla is a creative medium with:
o A website/print poster campaign connecting the object in its simplest form associated with childhood imagination with the sharp and universal slogan: “Let them be”.
• A stop motion video using the slogan from the poster campaign as well as the campaign strategy.
• Finally, the showcase site which combines all these ideas while taking into account the technical issues related to its development. (creating a UI KIT and integration).

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