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// Students from the master program User Experience Design / Virtual Reality & Design

Discover the video of the project (VR)NE during Nantes Digital Week 2015

For Nantes Digital Week 2015, Laval Virtual 2016 and Futur en Seine 2016, explore the Jules Verne universe using virtual reality.

What if Nantes’ Quartier de la création had existed in the time of Jules Verne? Based on this premise, students from L’École de design Nantes Atlantique on the Digital Culture/UX Design Master’s course taking the option in Virtual Reality & Design, in partnership with PRI Design’in and CLARTE (virtual reality platform in Laval) designed immersive virtual reality applications which transport visitors into the world of Jules Verne’s novels. Visit the river Loire with Nemo’s diving suit, or the Nef des Machines from a hot air-balloon. A surprisingly realistic experience. An experience which literally transports you into the world of Jules Verne (complete with steam trains) with full-size 3D immersion. It was definitely a very experimental approach to the world of Jules Verne using demonstrations with strong haptic feedback.


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