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// Gauthier Saillard

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Making the ritual of napping acceptable in less tolerant environments is finally possible with this connected object designed for power-napping. Used with earphones, Jing improves the experience of napping by perfectly synchronizing sleep and music, whether it’s to help you fall asleep or wake up. The mobile application lets you choose the music and sounds to suit your own preferences with intuitive navigation.

“Shanghai and its customs are in a constant state of change which sometimes leads to clashes between age-old practices and so-called modern behavior. A striking example for westerners is the habit of napping. Although unpopular in France, napping is still widespread in China and often happens in the unlikeliest of places and positions which can be most amusing. However in large Chinese cities, it is less tolerated in spite of its virtues. The question was therefore how to make the habit of napping - properly and on a daily basis - pmore acceptable in this environment? With his project Jing, Gauthier proposes to combine power-napping and connectivity which is omnipresent in urban China. Gauthier astutely takes existing technological solutions which are all around us and reutilizes them intelligently to create connections between virtual and physical, technology and physiology. Scarcely perceptible signals from our bodies are sometimes stifled, drowned by the overload of daily stimuli. Jing helps us interpret these physiological signals and maximizes the healing effects of napping by putting us back in touch with our body’s rhythm and isolating us from the noise of the city. To help people take full ownership of it, the service can be totally personalized while remaining intuitive and user-friendly. Gauthier carried out use analysis, on-site observations and tests to ensure his project was valid and consistent in this tricky zone between physiological needs and urban life in which performance dictates use.”

Mathieu Bernard, Course leader - Transcultural Design China Studio


Gauthier Saillard

Gauthier completed his bachelor’s degree in Product Design followed by a MDes program in Transcultural Design in China. He tried his hand at innovation design at Décathlon for the Nabaiji brand during his final internship. Ambitious and entrepreneurial at heart, he decided to launch his career by creating a start-up with two friends.

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