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// Apprentices in their 1st year of vocational training program in Product design.

“The distinguishing feature of the successful concept will also be a key asset in its marketing. The product must therefore show off its originality and its strengths.
Various accessories such as the ironing table, laundry basket, water bottle, etc. are involved in the activity of ironing and should be included in the study”.
The apprentices also had to take into account the following elements:
- Mid-range iron
- Public price positioning: 85€ including VAT
- 220V and in line with current electrical standards
- Teflon coating (or similar)
- Easy to handle and ergonomic
- No ironing stations
In the context of this project, carried out between January and March 2017, apprentices were asked to submit the following deliverables:
- Complete analysis (CCF approach)
- Sketch book and presentation boards
- Preliminary model(s).

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