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// Line Huchet

Portable device

Video - A natural healthcare approach that fits into the daily routine.

A portable device compatible with any cup or mug, InfusiO heats water and infuses medicinal plants accurately and autonomously. Combined with an application to control timing and temperature, InfusiO lets you make your infusion in just the right way with guaranteed efficiency. 60 references of medicinal plant blends can be used to treat common ailments. This product is aimed at health-conscious people who want a natural healthcare approach that fits into their daily routine. 

Line examined the question of self-medication and in particular phytotherapy in its most common galenic form, namely herbal tea. How to transform a custom with a negative image into something effective and appealing? During her observation phase, Line demonstrated that it can be complex to prepare a medicinal herbal tea requiring a very precise procedure, particularly for people with reduced mobility. Infusio is a compact system that enables you to heat water to exactly the right temperature and infuse the tea for just the right time depending on the plant being used. Thanks to the financial involvement of the company where Line did her apprenticeship, she was able to propose a very advanced product with a complex starting mechanism: the result is simple and very clear for the user. The performance quality and carefully thought-out functions correspond perfectly to the needs defined in the consumer research in the early project phase.”

Marion Moussu - Design and Innovation Management Apprenticeship Program Course Leader


Line was won over by the wealth and complementarity of the combined experience of the business world and studying. After a two-year advanced diploma in product design, Line decided to continue with the vocational D2M degree followed by the Design and Innovation Management program, both of which were apprenticeship programs. For three years, she worked for APTAR group, based in Louveciennes, in the beauty division. Working in the innovation team as a product designer, she dreamt up the new beauty regimes of the future. Working in a multi-disciplinary team helped her enrich her technical knowledge but also her communication skills.

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