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Ile d’Arz

#graphic design #graphic design #undergraduate studies

// Marie Briand

orientation map booklet

Directional signage

Orientation map

Directional signage

Directional signage

Sectorial signage

Use scenario

Ile d’Arz has a strong identity, a gentle pace of life and follows the rhythm of the tides.
The student worked on a signage system which addressed the needs of both residents and tourists or holidaymakers. Her project creates a dialogue between tourists and islanders on the theme of time standing still, without forgetting the details of its heritage. She worked on the typography, pictograms, the vocabulary to be used, the colors and materials to come up with a general booklet, as well as a directional and sectoral signposting system.

The final Bachelor’s project encourages the student to make full use of the various skills gained during the Bachelor’s program. It requires the student to implement an independent design process using:
- Exploration/Investigation/Reflection (Identifying a design issue and positioning the project)
- Creation/conceptualization/arbitrage (developing concepts)
- Production/setting the context/argumentation (formalizing the project)

Working on an identified issue, the individual project is an opportunity for the student and future designer to analyze a context and propose working areas based on design values and to implement autonomously a process of exploration, investigation and reflection but also of production and creation.


Marie Briand is a third year bachelor program student in graphic design

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