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#spatial design #tangible interfaces

// Marguerite Quéinnec

The designer has dedicated her project to the world of contemporary art which she describes as follows: “Contemporary Art is the art of diversifying means of expression. Free to express their opinions, artists create remarkable works (…)”.

She points out that there is often a problem communicating with the public.

Contemporary Art is perceived as being conceptual and not very accessible. In order to attract a larger public and to help them understand this art, institutions such as the Ministry of Culture, contemporary art museums, FRAC, foundations, and other cultural spaces organise events, circuits, exhibitions and communication events to help popularise access to these works without compromising on the content.

With the aim of helping these institutions and contemporary artists show off their work to the general public, the designer worked with Vanina Andréani, promotional manager for the Frac in Nantes, on a new communication tool that can be defined by the artists themselves.

Iceberg is an events space for the promotion of exhibitions and contemporary artists. In the same way as teasers are used in events organization for music or film, Iceberg is a promotional space, a “spatial teaser” for contemporary art and its actors. This space can be organized by the artists who become mediators of their work thanks to the different communication media at their disposal (video, sound tracks, partial reproduction of works or texts, etc).

Iceberg is a multi-purpose architectural structure which can be dismantled and rebuilt. It can be used in busy public places to promote exhibitions presented in places such as museums, FRAC, galleries, etc. A kind of three-dimensional advert or a trailer for an exhibition, Iceberg aims to open up the world of contemporary art to the general public by taking it out onto the street: in this case in Place Royale, for this particular project in the city of Nantes.

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