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#du dessiin #connected objects #digital culture

// Léo Chatain & Quentin Gros

Discover the video "Hutte"

Today, shared workspaces have become the norm in office layouts. Whilst it’s true that there are undeniable benefits in terms of cost and communication, they are often a source of annoyance or discomfort for users. The multiplication of activities in a shared space generates an increase in sound level and a loss of confidentiality in your work. With this project we have therefore tried to recreate the working conditions of a personal office in a shared workspace, whilst improving the communication potential of this layout.

Hutte consists of an office chair which is connected to the user’s workstation. The structure of the seat helps reduce noise reception and emission for the user through the use of high-performance acoustic materials. It also allows for intuitive communication with colleagues nearby, as well as rapid communication with everyone you need to contact, both inside and outside the company. A sonar shower, which is a highly directional sound system, and a microphone provide optimal conditions for oral communication without increasing the overall sound level in the workspace.

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