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Habiter l’urbain

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// François Cattoni

“Inhabiting Urban Areas” is a scheme for urban planning and design which respects the principles of consultation and co-production. In a context of urban renewal and improvement in living conditions, the initiative consists of introducing and testing uses based on individual social and community practices, to best meet the needs and expectations of local residents. Micro-architectural structures are used to create an innovative and participatory approach to urban planning.

“With Inhabiting Urban Areas, François has come up with an experimental and concrete project. Experimental in its inclusive and participatory approach. Concrete in the transition from the concept of temporary space to the 1:1 assembly scale. Examining eco-neighbourhoods as a symbol of urban sustainability, François pushes the social ambitions and process-based approach of this “model” even further. Thanks to extensive analysis and immersion in the heart of the Prairie au Duc eco-neighbourhood in Nantes which is still under construction, he came up with an inclusive planning process with NOD, a digital platform to facilitate dialogue between city-dwellers, representatives and actors of urban development. Everyone is free to express their views about living in the neighborhood and what they would like to see in the future. This data, together with testimonies from users encountered in situ, showed François the importance of setting up initiatives in the zones earmarked for development for appropriating and sharing the space. […] This proposal is part of the trend for projects based on participatory planning and “cross-programming”, which are closely in tune with the expectations and requirements of the affected populations. […] »

Christine Vignaud, course leader Sustainable Cities


François Cattoni

After a 2-year advanced diploma (BTS) in sales, François did another advanced diploma in spatial design with an apprenticeship program at A.I.A. Architectes. He then went on to join the International Class before taking the Master’s degree in Urban Design. At the same time as his master’s, he also worked as a freelancer in spatial design. He carried out his final internship at DAS Studio in Paris, an agency specialized in architecture, interior design, design and scenography. He is pursuing his adventure as a freelance designer to acquire expertise in domesticity and is also working on urban planning at all levels and on the creation of a future multi-disciplinary company involving architects, urban planners and designers.

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