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// Florian Lemaitre


GlucO is a product for diabetics, which allows to forget as much as possible the disease. It is composed by 3 products: a support, a watch and a pen.

All specificities of the person are stored in the support. The watch equipped with a laser sensor tests regularly the level of sugar in the blood relative. Countless control bites are then avoided. Compared to the results, the watch indicates the rate to the support and automatically prepares the insulin in the pen. If the diabetic must prick himself, he just has to take the pen and self-injects. There are no more adjustments to be made for units of insulin.

To sum up, Gluco allows:
- to forget the disease,
- to automatically regulate the insulin in the injection pen,
- to take measures without sting,
- to simplify the use and the storage,
- to prevent problems for children by informing their parents,
- to avoid bite by removing the pen needle,
- to save waste (insulin pen cartridge)
- to recycle

GlucO project is part of the French and international finalists of the James Dyson Award.


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