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Moyen d’échange

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// Gauthier Chovin

Moyen d’échange

Restoring a human dimension to electronic payments

 The impersonal nature of our modern payment methods does not help to convey the true value of the transaction being made. One major consequence of this phenomenon is the number of people submitting over-indebtedness files (dossiers de surendettement).

 A new payment system needs to be developed to make payments simpler and more secure. This system is based on face-to-face payment for purchases, together with identification and authentication based on heartbeat recognition.

 This project is a payment terminal which can operate by recognising heartbeats. So that users are actually aware of what they are spending, the terminal’s interface links directly to the user’s bank account and analyses the amounts being spent. Users are once again becoming actively involved in the payment process. The terminal promotes human interaction over monetary exchanges by bringing together retailers and customers. While customers are being identified, retailers enter data about the items into the terminal.

 This project is exhibited at Hangar 32 at “Design l’Expo”, from 28th November 2014 to 25th January 2015.

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