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// Manon Le Coënt

Ce module de conservation intelligent apporte une conservation plus longue et moins destructrice que le réfrigérateur. Fruidge Boost, dérivé de Fruidge, permet d’ajuster la maturation du produit pour le consommer quand on le souhaite.

Food preservation

Video - Reduce food waste

Video: Fruidge by Grégoire Cliquet, READi Design Lab Director

Intended for private households, Fruidge is a system for conserving fruit and vegetables that limits food waste. The high-tech unit lets you set the temperature/humidity and reduce the level of ethylene with 3 conservation programs suitable for different products. Fruidge shows you which fruit and vegetables to conserve depending on the season and which products to consume depending on their ripeness. A connected application completes the conservation module. 

The Fruidge project developed within D.U. DESSiiN in partnership with two student engineers from Polytech Nantes, looks at developments in household appliances in response to changing lifestyles and the desire to reduce food waste. Fruidge preserves the flavor of fruit and vegetables while at the same time keeping them fresh for longer. A lower level of ethylene combined with optimized temperatures and humidity levels help keep your fruit and vegetables fit for consumption for a much longer period than if they were kept in the salad drawer of your fridge or exposed to open air. Fruidge is a new piece of technology intended to improve our quality of life. Apart from its official qualities, it is very compact, modular and easy to use – simply place your fruit and vegetables inside then select the appropriate program using the pictograms. This project demonstrates Manon’s capacity to design relevant connected objects but also to orchestrate a multi-disciplinary team while at the same time carefully documenting and illustrating the process.”

Grégoire Cliquet, READi Design Lab Director

Arnaud Le Roi, Digital culture Course Leader

Manon Le Coënt’s end of studies project will be exhibited from April 17th to 22nd 2018 at the Salone Satellite, as part of the Salone del Mobile in Milan.


Manon carried out her bachelor’s degree in Product Design before joining the UX Design/Tangible Interfaces program and at the same time completing a university degree in Innovative and Interactive Service Design to learn more about the world of connected products. Working with an electronics engineer and an IT engineer enabled her to propose a comprehensive and practical final degree project.

Interested in the field of furnishings, she did her last internship at Resistub in Aizenay, where she helped develop a new range of furniture made of metal wire. Today she would like to work in the field of furniture or tableware as product designer in a company.ënt-457a31a2/

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