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Le Flo’w

#exhibition #interior architecture #postgraduate studies

// Florentina Carrier

Multimodal transport

Flexible workspace


The eco-concept Flo’w is based on multimodal transport and flexible workspaces. The 13-meter long river shuttle for workers meets the evolving needs of users with mobile co-working spaces to optimize commuter travel, rental workspaces for those with no physical office space, a modular seminar room for companies and relaxation and social areas.

Today, commuter travel represents a quarter of all travel but half of the distances travelled. More importantly, these home to workplace journeys represent the biggest burden on the transport system.”  Bruno Marzloff, no fixed office.

"Flo’W proposes a very up-to-date concept of “de-mobility” with this project which looks at new ways of travelling. On one hand, it consists of using the river as a means of travel in a congested city, and on the other hand, rethinking the working environment in the digital or “collaborative” age. As well as creating the technical design of the layout to optimize the working experience, Florentina used the know-how acquired during her double degree with IAE to come up with a service that is economically viable. Above all, Florentina’s project was a gateway to landing a final internship in Mauric design office where she continues to work on similar projects.

Florent Orsoni, Sustainable Cities Design Lab Director

Florentina Carrier’s end of studies project will be exhibited from April 17th to 22nd 2018 at the Salone Satellite, as part of the Salone del Mobile in Milan.



After completing a bachelor’s degree in Interior Design, Florentina enrolled on the Mutations of the Built Environment program complemented by a double degree in business administration majoring in Design Management at Nantes IAE. She has devoted most of her time to working on mobility, travel and flexible lifestyles which are so relevant today. The work she carried out on worker mobility then led her to think about naval architecture for her final internship.

As a Space and Service Designer at Mauric (a naval architecture and engineering practice based in Nantes), she has helped design new services and new uses for boats.

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