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Feedback on the São Paulo Design Weekend

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// Elise Bunouf, Chloé Cassabé, Juliette d’Arche, Adèle Darcet, Savina de Chasseval, Léa Drougard, Quentin Fourage, Bérénice Freydier, Timothé Gourdin and Colombe Gourgeon

Transcultural Design MDes students at Cremme, where the event took place (c) Benjamin Gagneux

Sao Paulo Design Weekend is the biggest design event in South America

For the occasion, the Brazil Studio students founded the 9082 km collective, named after the distance between Nantes and Sao Paulo

Exhibition venue Cremme hosted the Brazil Studio students’ projects during the event

During the Sao Paulo Design Weekend, the students have been able to measure the level of personal investment and energy required by such an exhibition

Participating to this Design Weekend has enabled the students to communicate on their projects and meet another type of audience

Transcultural Design students have had a great experience and made a lot of contacts during the event

Students from the Brazil Studio exhibited their work at the seventh edition of Design Weekend São Paulo, the biggest design festival in South America, from 29 August to 2 September 2018. In honour of the event, they created a collective, 9082 km, the distance between Nantes and Sao Paulo. These students, in the 2nd year of Transcultural Design MDes, give us their feedback on this exhibition of their work.

Élise Bunouf
“Taking part in the São Paulo Design Weekend only one year after our arrival in Brazil was an incredible opportunity. It enabled us to promote both our own work and our training at L’École de design’s Brazil Studio. The event is spread around São Paulo. We were hoping for more visitors but the launch of a student collective is less appealing than other more prestigious exhibitions… This experience has I think been rewarding for everyone. Our team works well together which meant we were able to organize a quality exhibition in a very short timeframe. I hope that the 1st year Master’s students will be as enthusiastic as us so that the 9082 km project lives on! We’d like to reiterate our thanks to Cremme for their hospitality and L’École de design for their support.”

Timothé Gourdin
“The Design Weekend experience was the opportunity to work and create an individual project but also to discover how to work within an association and how to manage it. It was the first step in gaining exposure for our work in Brazil which I think made us more aware of our work and of the impact it has on the public. It was a rewarding and formative experience which I hope to repeat!”

Chloé Cassabé
“Taking part in the Design Weekend was a really rewarding experience which gave us the opportunity to work together and organize ourselves around a group project. It was also the opportunity to work on individual projects and do our best to carry them through to completion and come up with something coherent. It was also the opportunity to show off our work to a different public than the one we’re used to for our projects carried out in the school context.”

Savina de Chasseval
“Participating in the Design Weekend was for me above all the opportunity to show off my work. Overcoming the fear of criticism by exhibiting before a public made up of professionals and amateurs was a real challenge. The many encounters with visitors made me see my work from different viewpoints. The wealth of this experience gave me confidence in my ideas and encouraged me to talk about them.”

Adèle Darcet
"I’d say that I’m happy to have had the chance to be able to exhibit my work at such an event. We met a lot of people from the design profession and were able to talk about our work. Although 9082 km didn’t get as much attention as we’d hoped, I would say it was a trial exhibition which will help us do it even better next time.”

Juliette d’Arche
It was a unique and very rewarding opportunity to be able to present some projects at the Sao Paulo Design Weekend. Thanks to this experience we had the chance to create this collective and learn a lot about Brazilian culture.”

Léa Drougard
“Taking part in and setting up an exhibition via 9082 km and the Design Weekend helped me understand all the details you have to think of to organize an event. It was a new experience for me which helped me raise my profile and show my work to a new public (Brazilians and professionals).”

Quentin Fourage
“During the Design Weekend we had the chance to experience an international scale exhibition in a megacity. It was an interesting experience which required us to work together as a team. We felt there was a slight lack of visitors, but we made the most of our association with an emerging brand of furniture design: Cremme. I enjoyed the contact with visitors who were both interested and impressed. I developed my sales skills and managed to sell the group projects. I had the chance to try out my creative skills and to see the surprised reaction of the public to the materials used in PRECIOUS, my lamp made of Tyvek. I also felt proud of my watercolors when people took photos of them. I’ve come away with a full address book, some extraordinary encounters, a unique and unforgettable experience and a job offer from Cremme. What more could I ask for? Thanks to L’École de design Nantes Atlantique for letting us participate.”

Colombe Gourgeon
“Taking part in the Design Weekend was an amazing professional experience. For me, it showed me that my work can be exhibited and even sold. It also enabled us to express ourselves in a freer and more artistic domain. Finally, it made us realize the level of organization needed to form a collective and an exhibition.”

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