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Fabula by Sarah Gergaud

#game experience design #digital design #numérique

// Sarah Gergaud

Where do we come from? How was our universe created? Many civilisations have passed down fabulous myths and legends to us in response to these questions. Sarah wanted to share them by using a playful and original approach. Fabula is a board game for all ages (12 to 90 years) which gives access to a whole host of imaginary tales.

Each player has a ‘target’ card and must answer the questions that are asked. Players put their questions to some cosmogonists of the world: Aztec, Maya, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Greco-Roman and Inuit, etc. The graphic design is intuitive, and the board is versatile and can take multiple forms. Fabula is a game that can be enjoyed by multiple players and can be put away extremely quickly and taken anywhere.

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