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Evil Gaze

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// Marion Sourceaux

Evil Gaze is game which give a chance for creativity.

The graphic design is inspired by Indian archetypes.

The game promotes the diversity of cultures in India.

Evil Gaze also encourages debate.

Evil Gaze is an Indian adaptation of the French game Loup-garou. The idea of the werewolf, which is common in western imaginaries, becomes a demon bearing the evil eye, a very widespread character in India. It’s a card game with two groups playing against each other: an informed minority (the demons) and a non-informed majority (the innocents). It develops qualities of storytelling, eloquence and teamwork in players. It also introduces them to the art of debating. The game’s graphic design and overall look are shaped by Indian culture, inspired by various types of popular arts and beliefs. The diversity of tribal arts reflects the tremendous variety of identities, cultures and heritages in India.

" The Indian educational model has many shortfalls and a great number of children do not get satisfactory schooling. As learning is primarily seen as a restitution of knowledge and not a true assimilation of knowledge, the potential for each pupil’s interpretation and expression is extremely limited. Marion focused her work on learning through play and her absolute priority was developing creativity. Her adaptation of “Loup garou” (Werewolf), a popular role-playing game in the west, takes the form of a set of illustrated cards which facilitates debate and encourages children to express themselves on the archetypes of “good” and “evil”. The strength of this project lies in its dual educational impact centered on creativity. It allows each child to express themselves, to interact with others, to take decisions and to debate. […] The game can form part of the activities offered by schools or within the family, and serves to strengthen the child’s development and cultivate their creativity, with greater skills of innovation, initiation and adaptation in adulthood. […]  The game combines shaking up archetypes by adapting them to the Indian context with educational values directly related to play, the topics discussed, the children’s participation, or more background objectives, like showcasing India’s artistic richness through the game’s visual treatment. "

Hélène Thébault
MDes Transcultural Design Coordinator – India Studio

This project is selected for Design L’Expo 2019 and will be exhibited from December 19th 2019 to March 1st 2020 at la Cale 2 Créateurs.


End of studies internship, Studio Kohl, Mumbai, India

MDes Transcultural Design / India Studio, L’École de Design Nantes Atlantique, New Delhi, India

Thesis “Re-thinking Primary Education: Learning through play”

Bachelor’s degree in Motion design (apprenticeship program), Fonderie de l’Image, Bagnolet

Multimedia graphic design HND, Ecole Jacques Prevert, Boulogne Billancourt

Play is the answer to how anything new comes about.” - Jean Piaget

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