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Endless Garments

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// Carla Marzin

environmentally-friendly clothing practices

Discover Carla Marzin’s project in video

Video: Endless Garments by Eric Mazodier, China Studio Course Leader

Endless Garments teaches users how to break away from the consumer system of fashion today by introducing them to new environmentally-friendly clothing practices and uses based on a circular logic. The concept revolves around clothes-swapping centers, an exhibition on ecofriendly innovations, fashion workshops to pass on know-how, a laundry service and manufacture of washing solutions.

Carla took an interest in fashion in China. Although fashion pursues the same objectives as in the West, everything is on a different scale in China. How can people express their personality and stand out from the crowd? Added to the phenomenon of fashion is that of large-scale industrialization: mass production for western countries and counterfeits. In view of the demand triggered by the country’s development, China is facing many pollution problems and is imposing more and more rules forcing the population to be more eco-friendly, whether they like it or not. Carla became interested in changes in Chinese society and presented a project offering a new use for clothing and controlled consumption. The survey she conducted on students from Shanghai university campus gave her the idea of proposing workshops and experiences and initiating them to this ecological responsibility. Her relevant proposal meets practical needs of the population. She successfully analyzed the context, took into account her own international experience and came up with an appropriate response. Her proposal is also based on a strong scenographic approach.”

Eric Mazodier, China Studio Course Leader


After completing her Bachelor’s degree in scenography, Carla opted for the Transcultural Design China program in Shanghai at the China Studio. Passionate about the fashion industry, she did two internships in Shanghai: first at the Gumwap Studio then at the agency Mazarine – La mode en Images in Shanghai for her final internship, working as a scenographer on events in the fashion and luxury goods sector.

A great fan of scenographer Alexandre Betak, founder of the eponymous agency that is well-known for having transformed fashion shows into multi-sensory shows, she would like to continue her career in the fashion industry.

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