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#cumulus #new eating habits #postgraduate studies

// Morgane Lebas, Camille Sanz, Daphné Le Cléach, Hélène Guillard, Marie-Aimée De Lespinay and Louis De Perrier


The common slipper limpet, or «Crepidula fornicata» to give it its scientific name, is currently invading the French coastline.
Its invasive side is due to its adaptability to all types of land, environments and temperatures : it is a threat to mussels, oysters and the seabed.
It is a traditional dish in Portugal and is well-known in China and Japan. Although it is cooked in very few French restaurants and remains largely unknown. Some people describe it as being iodised and similar in taste to mushrooms and hazelnuts. It is both spicy and sweet and rich in Omega 3. It prevents cardiovascular diseases and also protects against conditions such as hypertension, diabetes, arthritis and some cancers.


How can we promote the common slipper limpet, which is a healthy product that is readily available along our shores?


People aged between 20 and 30 years old are the target group for this project : they are sensitive about their image and are turning more and more towards organic food, home cooking and «eating locally», but are still fond of fast food which they believe to be quick and efficient.
Bernie and Chips is based on the principle of fish and chips : fish and a portion of chips share the same cone. Here, the common slipper limpets act as the fish and the chips can be replaced by any type of vegetables and accompanied by sauces and bread crumbs.
Along the same lines as Starbucks Coffee, the seller takes the order and directly writes what the customer wants on the packaging before they pass it on to the kitchen. The shape of the packaging incorporates the codes of the sea through a sleek design that promotes the virtues of common slipper limpets.

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