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// Juliette Mary

Flexible public space

citizen awareness

Project presentation in video

Eco is a modular public area in cities for raising citizen awareness. It allows us to analyze and understand citizens’ personal data, so that they can situate themselves on an ecological scale in order to bring about a change in their behavior and reduce their ecological footprint. Eco consists of three steps which help make citizens aware of sustainable development in their city in a light-hearted way and encourage them to take practical action.

Major debate on the Loire river, major debate on energy transitions… Nantes, like many other cities, has been launching more and more schemes to promote active citizenship. But how can we broaden understanding of these issues and propose other methods of discussion? And how can we grasp the complexity characterizing these issues? With this micro-architecture, Juliette proposes to open the debate on public areas in an original way. The aim is to break with the codes of traditional public debate in the usual places, with new esthetics and a reinvented use scenario. First and foremost, her project attracts attention and stimulates curiosity with its unique form of writing about public areas. The installation of modules in various strategic places around the city aim to bring the debate as close as possible to the citizens, setting itself apart with daring graphic and visual codes. The module also provides information about the city featuring a truly immersive experience via a fun tool for visualizing city data. The smart city therefore becomes much more real and tangible thanks to this data dissemination zone intended for citizens.

Florent Orsoni, Sustainable Cities Design Lab Director


After a bachelor’s degree in spatial design and a year in China, Juliette changed direction, enrolling on the master’s program in Mutations of the Built Environment where she focused on service design and ecology in cities. Passionate about graphic design, she carried out her final internship in Paris, at Volcan Design, an agency specialized in retail design and merchandising. For Juliette, citizen communication and participation, in whatever space or capacity, are essential.

Today, she continues her career as a freelance designer for interior architecture agencies as well as on graphic design and motion design projects.

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