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// Paul Bouisset

Paul Bouisset’s end of studies project in video

Dialog is a range of objects which allows users to create new scenarios with everyday objects and decide how these objects will react in certain situations. Each object has a specific function and can communicate with the others. By connecting the objects, the user develops his/her own unique environment with more flexible tools. The user is in control as they can design tools tailored to their needs.

Dialog addresses the issue of users faced with the complexity of what is offered on IoT (Internet of Things): a collection of disparate connected objects with completely different interfaces which are often very complex and unclear…

Right from the outset of his project, Paul used an iterative design logic and developed prototypes destined for users in order to identify blocking factors and genuine user needs. This analysis enabled him to strengthen his positioning: a generic and accessible service offer which is customizable, flexible and easily tailored to each person’s needs. Dialog lets users reclaim the digital ecosystem of tangible interfaces using a combination of simple and easy-to-use module-interactors and object-services. Finally, aware of the importance of industry and marketing in the e-commerce era, Paul has thought carefully about the rollout of the service, taking care to incorporate the points of sale into the buying journey.

Grégoire Cliquet, READi Design Lab Director

Arnaud Le Roi, Digital Culture MDes Programs Course Leader


After completing his bachelor’s degree in Interaction Design, Paul followed a logical path enrolling on the UX Design/Tangible Interfaces MDes program and worked predominantly on the reappropriation of digital objects.

Paul’s inspiration comes from the "Less is more” approach of designer Mies Van der Rohe, well-known for his famous “Gott steckt im Detail” (God is in the details). His motto is: “Always try to diversify your tools and references to enrich your design practice”. He began his career at Feld Studio for Digital Crafts in Berlin in Germany as an interaction designer, after his final degree internship.

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