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Design : portfolio 2020 - Space Design

#DN MADE #interior architecture #programs

"POLO: symbiotic kitchen" by Heloïse Mariani

"The zero-boredom bus stop " by Chloé Renard

"Come and see the music!" by Léa Février Renaud

"The Beehive" by Pierre Guimbretière

"Firefly" by Marie Rouzo

"Refuge 2.0" by Clémence Roux

"Parallel duality" by Maxime Cirio

"A slow promenade in Nantes" by Clémentine Crusson

To learn more about each of these projects, visit the "Design : Portfolio 2020" virtual gallery, a selection of 36 undergraduate design projects!

Every minute spent waiting feels like a lifetime lost.” Jean Dion

A ’living music’ circuit for hearing and hearing-impaired people.

I have built my house like a toy house.” Pablo Neruda

Do you feel safe at night in the city?

Tour for visitors to help raise awareness while providing relaxing and fun activities.

Making the Cours des 50 otages a model of ecological and energy transition.

Provide a different perpective on our social and eating habits.

A slow promenade and an awakening of the 5 senses at the Cours St Pierre in Nantes.

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