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Design : portfolio 2020 - Product Design

#Industrial Products #DN MADE #product design

"Adventure just a bike ride away" by Camille Dubreuil

"Travel in 2030" by Lou Pavageau

"Focus" by Laure Tibayrenc

"Máni" by Mathilde Bonacorsi

"Dyslexie et proprioception" par Marie Rondot

"Oflo" by Dion Deboulle

"TARG-E, mobility made in London in 2030" by Benjamin Bonneau

"Open Trip" by Théo Ratron

"Keeb" by Cloé Cordey

"Home(me)" by Élisa Pham-Dang

"Lettelse" by Emmy Decoursière

"EOP, tomorrow we will all be farmers" by Jean-Philippe Cesbron

"Fukei" by Maxime Le Corre

To learn more about each of these projects, visit the "Design : Portfolio 2020" virtual gallery, a selection of 36 undergraduate design projects!

 “Nothing is more favorable than travel for exploring all the wonderful aspects of the unexpected.” Jean-Raymond Boudou

« This is not a chair. »

What anti-noise solution can we use to protect babies in any situation?

Helping dyslexic children in the classroom.

A service of electric ’bike cabins" to develop bike trips.

The all-terrain bike for photographers.

A small autonomous electric vehicle to move around London.

A micro-caravan to take your time and go back to basics.

A series of raising-awareness activities to defend French beekeepers and bees.

Convert pieces of furniture from their original use to make them pet-friendly.

An application to help unexperienced skiers find their way on the slopes.

An educational tool to a local-scale consumption alternative.

Environmental issues: an educational game to arouse children’s interest.

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