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Design : portfolio 2020 - Interaction Design

#game experience design #digital design #UI/UX Design

"Confluence" by Théo Gellier

"iFISH" by Yuxiang Li

"Nauxi, the green loop" by Paul Joly

"Feelink" by Jeanne Verstraete

"What colorful world!" by Mathilde Belvèze

"Swim’out / Tous à l’eau !" by Tanguy Le Crom

To learn more about each of these projects, visit the "Design : Portfolio 2020" virtual gallery, a selection of 36 undergraduate design projects!

"IFISH" by Yuxiang Li - UI/UX Design BDes 

An application which brings together fishing fanatics, professionals and beginners.

"Nauxi, the green loop" by Paul Joly - UI/UX Design BDes

An application to manage a virtual tree and to play an active role in carrying out research on reforestation.

"Confluence" by Théo Gellier - UI/UX Design BDes n

Reinventing exchanges between students and alumni.

"Feelink" by Jeanne Verstraete - UI/UX Design BDes

If you want to be free from your emotions, you need to have true and immediate awareness of them.” Arnaud Desjardins

"What a colorful world!" by Mathilde Belvèze - Game Experience Design BDes 

A video game to heighten awareness of color blindness.

"Swim’out / Tous à l’eau !" by Tanguy Le Crom - Game Experience Design BDes

A fun and attractive application to help people improve their swimming.

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