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Design : portfolio 2020 - Graphic Design

#motion design #graphic design #programs

"Helping Friends" by Anna Vincensini

"Orange Blue: a humanistic view" by Romane Lombard

"Phaune" by Pierre Tellier

"Astropedia" by Victor Cronier

"Figurama" by Ingrid Coulmeau Corallo

"What does death means, Mommy?"

"Safe sex" by Corentin Jouron

"Mobile Roots" by Garance Hubert

"The Nature Festival" by Thomas Provost

To learn more about each of these projects, visit the "Design : Portfolio 2020" virtual gallery, a selection of 36 undergraduate design projects!

Deformed worldmap: to reassess the real size of continents.

« Our era is undergoing an “awareness crisis” with respect to wildlife. » Baptiste Morizot

Immersion in the captivating world of astronomy.

An educational game to help learn languages with non-Latin scripts.

A book to help children come to terms with grief.

A guide to ’how not to catch a STD’ in video format.

A video projection system to help Alzheimer’s disease patients.

The fear of ageing does more damage than age itself” Jeanne Moreau

A nature festival to make children aware of the importance of protecting the environment.


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