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// Lisa Le Gourriérec

With Zig, you can discover new musical backgrounds

The festival-goer can schedule his festival

The festival memories are then available on the app

Zig’s video presentation

A design research project which examines the opportunities for creating souvenirs using personal data produced in a defined time and space, Zig targets festival-goers keen to plan their experience and those on a mission of discovery. The experience is materialized through the generation of a souvenir-object specific to each participant. Zig also allows the festival organizer to reutilize the data generated during the festival in order to prepare future events.

Zig by Lisa Le Gourriérec aims to personalize and enhance the musical experience at festivals. After an in-depth study of the music festival scene, a detailed consideration of the various stakeholders – organizers, artists, public – and their expectations, Lisa decided to focus her project on the idea of festival-goers discovering new sounds and their desire to keep a tangible souvenir of this experience. Zig is a responsive web application which offers an exploration into the different musical registers of the line-up of artists via a large number of cartographic representations. But Zig is not merely a sophisticated “guide”. Searches, festival-goers’ movements and the feedback on their experience are just some of the parameters which make it possible to retroactively create unique and personal visual representations based on a common template. What Lisa has done here with great intelligence is to transpose Edward Tufte’s concept of Small Multiples to create unique graphic objects: “memory-objects”.

Arnaud Le Roi
Digital culture Course Leader



Lisa took L’École de design’s BDes in Graphic Design followed by the Information Design MDes program. After a semester at the Dublin Institute of Technology in visual communication, she decided to focus her dissertation on the collective emotion generated by a musical event before, during and after the event. She carried out her final internship as a junior designer at Proxi in Berlin, a multi-disciplinary graphic design studio also based in Spain and Austria. Today, her ambition is to join an agency with an open approach to graphic design where research and experimentation are at the heart of the creation process.

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