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What to eat?

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// Yujie Cui

What to eat? is composed of 6 categories of cards

The game helps finding new ideas for healthy and balanced meals

This time of fun and dialogue is also a nice opportunity to be with your family and friends

The project in video

Presented in the form of a card game, What to Eat? is a lever for encouraging family communication. After dinner, the family members get together to play the game. The combination of 131 types of cooking ingredients and six different tasks, in six categories of cards, enable them to prepare delicious, healthy and balanced dishes. The next day, they work together to prepare the meal respecting the tasks assigned to each person during the game.

Yujie Cui focused on the isolation of elderly people in the specific context of China. In the ecosystem under consideration, public stakeholders don’t play a significant role in tackling isolation. However, intergenerational cohabitation within families, which is extremely common in traditional living arrangements, represents a source of rich and promising opportunities. Yet Yujie’s survey demonstrates that this cohabitation generates very few genuine interactions between its inhabitants. Of the different daily moments studied for each of the generations, mealtimes were identified as the most promising, prolonging the feeling of belonging to a social circle. Developed entirely with its users, What to Eat? is a game that structures the time before and after meals. Simple and carefully adapted, the game encourages each participant to talk and express themselves on a daily basis, about food groups, cooking methods and the tasks related to food preparation and clearing up. Yujie completed many field surveys in China and in France, and carried out monitoring with a global overview of the various cultural and political contexts. With What to Eat? she uses western innovation methods in a fair and virtuous way, by generating the support of complex ecosystems specific to China.

Simon Boussard
Care Design Lab Course Leader



After obtaining a degree in industrial design and scenography at the Faculty of Art and Design of Tsinghua University in China, Yujie joined L’École de design to follow the Health & Social Innovation MDes program and a double degree at l’IAE in Nantes. During her studies, she has had the chance to work on designing connected objects that help keep frail people in their own homes. Furthermore, she devoted her thesis to loneliness in elderly people in China. She completed her internship as a global designer at the Crealab Design agency in Paris. For Yujie, design is a response to the relationship between human life and its environment.


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