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// François Salomon

The headphones allow to isolate from the city rumour

Sounds are softened in real time

The apllied frequencies reduce stress

Wanderer project’s video presentation

Wanderer offers a new way of travelling around the city which is more relaxing and completely safe for the user. Wanderer is a self-contained headset which transforms the user’s soundscape in real time into more relaxing sounds. All the auditory information is conserved.
Three different effects are then applied to each track in order to transmit information about the environment in stereo to keep a spatial dimension.

Shanghai is historically a cultural crossroads where people from all over the world cross paths. Life is hectic and the economy is changing all the time. Leisure activities are for profit, inhabitants spend their time running around the city and personal moments are precious. […] It’s not always easy living in a city of over thirty thousand inhabitants. François focused on the spaces where we escape time for a moment to breathe: parks and public gardens. He questioned the everyday life of the inhabitants of Shanghai, to combine responsiveness, efficiency and personal balance. François designed a headset to alleviate and replace the sounds of daily life, […]and brighten up the user’s environment, reducing stress without cutting out the alert signals. As a spatial designer, François thought about the environment and the remodel with a tool incorporating augmented reality using sound. Headsets are a very common accessory in Shanghai, to cope with the city’s frenzied pace of life and cut yourself off from the world from time to time. François came up with a clever variant to improve the user’s sensory environment without adding extra clutter. He took a step back from his research question and came up with an innovative and contemporary solution.

Eric Mazodier
China Studio Course Leader


François did the Interior Design BDes. After an internship at Creative Capital in Shanghai where he worked on a comprehensive project for a children’s play area, he joined the Transcultural Design MDes program at the China Studio to satisfy his craving for adventure. Fascinated by the wealth of Asian culture, he completed his training in India with an internship in an NGO devoted to Indian education, Happy Horizons Trust. His mission involved the global design of an “alternative school” for a village in the state of Bihar, to be built in the course of 2019. He plans to continue developing his skills as a designer by working on a variety of projects around the world.


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