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// Nicolas Dussouil

Sunster helps raise awareness about too much sun exposure

UVA & UVB sensors come either as watches, pendants or badges

Users can check the daily data on the app

Sunster project’s presentation in video

The portable connected object Sunster helps children adopt responsible behavior in the sun, alerts them if they need to change their behavior and tracks their accumulated sun exposure. It indicates the dose of UVA+UVB received thanks to a UV sensor. The necessary intake in solar energy is calculated using an algorithm which takes into account the child’s phenotype (skin color, hair color, eye color, age), the UV index recorded in real time by the sensor and previous sun exposure in order to constantly readjust the child’s sunlight requirements.

Sunster is Nicolas Dussouil’s final degree project, carried out as part of his D.U. DESSiiN in partnership with Jules Marécaille, student engineer at Polytech Nantes. Sunster is part of the family of connected objects dedicated to well-being and risk prevention. It is aimed at both children and their parents, who are still not fully aware of the danger of exposure to UV rays. Often wrongly associated with recreational sun exposure, the level of UV can be very high even in cloudy weather. Sunster is a portable connected object which fulfils prevention and education priorities by instilling good habits in the face of this invisible danger. Sunster is based on a technological innovation capable of assessing the exposure level depending on the skin type via a specific mathematical model. In terms of formal writing, the object complies with accessibility requirements but also those of acceptability. Using an iterative process involving many children and parents, the object proposed by Nicolas and Jules and its mobile app are perfectly complementary and really fun to use.

Arnaud Le Roi
Digital culture Course Leader




After a BDes in Graphic Design, Nicolas completed the Tangible UX Design MDes program as well as two double degrees, the D.U. DESSiiN and the D.I.U. Disrupt Campus linked to disruptive innovation. He did his final internship at IBM Studios Montpellier which included missions on workshops on design thinking and optimizing know-how through immersive experiences. For Nicolas, taking into account the constraints of a project, a market or even a reality makes it a pleasure to create the innovations of tomorrow’s world. He joined Expertime, specialists in Microsoft Cloud, as a UX/UI Designer and is focusing on the development of innovative projects and the company’s internal transformation.

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