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// Manon Charlou

About 70% of people attending techno parties take some drugs

The distributed drinks and gums help reduce drugs toxicity

The partygoers feeling will help chose which gum or drink to have

Stone project’s video presentation

Stone encourages festival-goers to think about risks in the festival environment, by combining discussions on drug use with the intake of essential nutrients. Stone is based on associative initiatives to reduce risks at techno events – it aims to communicate with festival-goers about their experience and hand out drinks and chewing gum. These nutritive and hydrating elements reduce the drugs’ toxicity.

[…] Manon has developed a new food system which explores the issues of physical and psychological health, as well as the relationship between diet and excessive alcohol and drug use. The idea is to give these people food products in order to minimize the damage that could be done by drinking or taking drugs on an empty stomach. Stone is a food product packed full of vitamins, anti-oxidants and nutrients. […] Manon wants to raise awareness about a serious contemporary issue of physical and psychological health which affects many people. By working closely with dieticians, experts in psychological health and anthropologists, it is possible to create a new culture in festival-goers through a balanced system of diet and psychological health which improves people’s eating habits. Manon thus gives concrete form to one of the goals of the New Eating Habits Design Lab which is to explore future eating habits and their global impact from a cultural, social, economic and political point of view. With Stone, it’s just the beginning.

Dolly Daou
Director of New Eating Habits Design Lab

Aude Chaigneau-Messager
New Eating Habits Design Lab Course Leader


After a Graphic Design BDes, Manon continued her studies with the Brand Design & Food MDes program. During this course she spent a semester at the University of Augsburg in Germany where she had the chance to work on some visual communication projects and manual printing and engraving techniques. She completed her studies with an internship in Merida in Mexico as a Graphic Designer and assistant to the art director at the Candid Brands agency where she worked on visual identity and food packaging projects. Manon’s fascination with other cultures has led her to look for a position as graphic designer in a design studio with international connections.


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