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// Lucille Avice

With this urban object, passers-by can rediscover their daily surrounding sounds

Composed with cavities, Sonotown isolates the urban sounds by frequency groups in order to understand them better

The app stores the sounds recorded through the cavities

Anaïs Jacquard shares her educational vision on the Sonotown project

Sonotown understand a sound environment. With this decomposed listening module, citizens learn how to listen again and how to record acoustic heritage, but they also create data to help the agglomeration study noise pollution and its stress factors. It thus plays a role in resolving a health problem while raising awareness of the wealth of this acoustic space and its place within this heritage.

“Lucille’s approach is guided by a strong commitment to improving the quality of life of urban dwellers. With noise being defined as the main source of discomfort by users, Lucille has come up with a project which puts sound at the service of new urban experiences, but above all it actively involves the user in their sound environment to make daily life more personalized and pleasant. Lucille uses pedagogy to deploy a technique of “re-learning” sounds. An experience which is both entertaining, poetic and useful – three values which drive her design approach. Lucille has done valuable research on perception, urban environments and raising awareness about the impact of sound on the health of city dwellers. With a user-centered approach, Lucille has managed to open up the question of sound which focused overly on the level of decibels in cities, to help people see sound as a tool to modulate itineraries in urban spaces. It is no longer a noise to be silenced, it is also a malleable material.”

Anaïs Jacquard
Sustainable Cities Design Lab Course Leader



After a BDes in interior design, Lucille then joined the Mutations of the Built Environment MDes program. With an insatiable curiosity for discovering design through different cultures, she did a 5-month internship at dSign Vartti Kivi & Co. in Helsinki, Finland, as an interior designer and her final internship in Malta at Daaa Haus, a global design agency. As well as learning a lot about interior architecture and becoming more open-minded, this professional experience taught her to position herself as a designer and to explore Maltese culture. She continues to work for this agency and is currently developing a personal project as a freelance Designer.

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