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Santé !

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// Nolwenn Godet

Santé ! is a low-tech innovation

One of the modules protects the vines from the frost

The second module protects the vines from the drought

Marion Moussu, Design Management & Innovation MDes program Course Leader talks about Nolwenn Godet’s project

Santé ! is a range of products designed to help winemakers in their work in the vineyards with an ecological approach. Based on an inexpensive and low-tech innovation, the drought module captures humidity in the air through condensation then returns the water as close as possible to the roots of the vines. The frost module protects the vines using a heating element which recycles the heat produced from burning vine shoots. The ashes are then used as a natural fertilizer to feed the vines and optimize their growth.

[…] Nolwenn took as her starting point a poetic examination of the impact of rain on the lives of her contemporaries. As her research advanced, she rooted her project in the context of winemaking. Her choice was motivated by the desire to discover the region of Burgundy where her apprenticeship company is based. The implications of climate change in this sector are considerable and the work to set up a comprehensive network was a determining factor for the success of the project. As a designer, presenting innovative ideas to people for whom tradition is one of the fundamental values of their trade is no easy thing, yet thanks to a methodical and structured approach, Nolwenn managed to find the right people to support her. Santé ! consists on one hand of earthenware pots with netting over the top to condense the air humidity and constitute water reserves for irrigating the vines naturally in areas where industrial irrigation is not authorized. And on the other hand, heating elements with double walls also made of clay, to gradually return the heat from fires made from burning vine shoots on frosty nights. This range will be under study by engineering students in order to determine the optimal design. Then it will be prototyped and tested in vivo on a few rows of vines. Nolwenn has succeeded in convincing investors.

Marion Moussu
Design Management and Innovation MDes program in apprenticeship Course leader




Nolwenn did a 2-year advanced diploma in Architectural and Environmental Planning in La Roche-sur-Yon before joining L’École de design to do an advanced diploma in Product Design on a work-study basis at CVL Luminaires (49). She then joined the International Class specializing in Brand Design, followed by the Design Management and Innovation MDes program with an apprenticeship at HMY, specialists in supermarket layouts located in Yonne. With her degree under her belt, Nolwenn headed for Thailand in search of a job in a global design agency. She continues to work for HMY as a freelance designer. She particularly values the work of Peter Behrens, a Designer who has successfully developed a global design approach within the AEG factory.

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