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// Mahrukh Khawar

Through this app, users can give food they don’t want to waste to other students

Pikkle enables communication between students living in university residences

Students can share recipes and tips on the forum

Aude Chaigneau-Messager, New Eating Habits Course Leader, presents the Pikkle project

Pikkle is a food sharing app for students living in university halls of residence. Based on the principal of voluntary commitment, it reduces food waste and encourages contact between students living far from home. Simple to use, Pikkle includes a forum and a function for creating communal cooking events. The partnership with supermarkets lets the user accumulate points which give them discounts in stores.

Food waste is a global issue with moral and environmental consequences for the planet and humanity. […] While food is wasted in many countries with a negative impact on the environment, other countries don’t even have access to such foods because of the high cost of production and distribution of food products. In response to these issues, Mahrukh succeeded in designing a system and a service for the circulation of food products which reduces food waste in homes while bringing together individuals within the student community and raising their awareness about a highly topical worldwide problem. […] Besides the biological need it satisfies, food has the ability to unite people, to encourage socializing and enable them to express their culture, convictions and preferences. Pikkle reflects and respects these cultural and social values. This multi-disciplinary project which combines anthropology, digital design and food design has the potential to transform people’s daily habits and help them reduce food waste.

Dolly Daou
Director of the New Eating Habits Design Lab

Aude Chaigneau
New Eating Habits Design Lab Course Leader



After doing a diploma in communication design at the Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture in Karachi, Pakistan, Mahrukh worked as a graphic artist in Pakistan at Bates Chi & Partners and Adcom Leo Burnett, advertising and marketing agencies. Her work for food brands such as RedBull, Haleeb or Nurpur resulted in her joining L’École de design to complete the Brand Design & Food MDes program. A fan of community platforms, she developed an application for reducing food waste and carried out her internship at Drivy, a carsharing platform. Mahrukh continues to work for Drivy as a freelance designer in visual communication (print & web).


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